Who we are

About Our Company

WeBuildIT is small IT business with both national and international customers in many business areas.

We have a long list of expertizes within IT and other technologian areas.

As an example of our previous successfull tasks, but not limited to:

  • Implemention of Intune
  • Tenant creation and implementation
  • Merger & Aqquisition – Implementation of IT (Both client and systems)

Our Services

We specialize in Technical infrastructure and cloud solutions, but our compentencies is much wider than this.

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Our Partners

Our long time history working in IT have also resulted in a long list of reliable partner inside a wide area of the business. In fact we can help with partners and contacts inside almost any area you can thing of in relation to your business needs.

We can help you handle the setup of the relationship with your new partner, or we can handle everything for you.

We rely on our partners in areas where we are not the best, to ensure that you always get the best possible solution. This ensures that even though we are a small business, we can support and assist the biggest companies.

What We Do

IT Partner

Do you need a professional IT Partner, that can ensure both a cost effective and value adding IT setup in your company. Then you are in the right place.

We specialices in making your IT environment professionel, flexible and cost effectiant in a secure way. IT should always be value adding, for the daily business.

We are a small company that put a honor in knowing our customers business and understanding the day to day challenges they see. We wish to make you abd your companies employees feel the benifits of having IT work for you

Project Management

Running projects both with internal or external partners can be a big task to take in to the daily operations. We have Project Managers in our team, that have a high experience within Technical projects, M&A, migrations, Software implementations and much more.

Our skillset goes from planning, negotiations, implementing, and to evaluation. In short we can assist you all the way through the process. You decide…

Building & Maintaining Infrastructure

The infrastructure of IT is the core of IT. Without a secure and flexible infrastructure any company will face downtime and in short will experience a loss of money.

We will help you preventing that.

Support & Operations

The use of Support is very different from one company to another. Thats why we will look on your company to identify your needs.

We are not the best Helpdesk or the best operational IT staff, but we have the right contacts and can ensure that your find the right setup for you.

Our goal is to build the IT environment as stable and structures as possible, so that support & operations are keept to a minimum. But the support of users will always be there, and this is why it is important the find the right match for your company

Technical Sanity check

One of our specialties is given companies a Sanity check.

A sanity check is a walk through all your IT systems and the overall setup, to ensure you know if there is high risk in your setup or if you have savings and value adding opertunities.

These checks is based on the newest best pratices and a long practical experience and the result is a report together with some recommendations

Extend or reduce the business

Whether you are in the need of extending your business or need to reduze areas, we can help ensure the right steps.

It could be a move, closing a office or expanding areas. Many companies only remember the direct cost like salary, lease hols etc, but the are many other cost that is effected.

Eg. Do you need the same IT setup?, Can we save some licenses?, What kind of connection do we need to the new office? These are just a few of the relevant questions. We can help ensure that the right questions is asked and included in the budget for larger changes like these.

Join Our Team!

We are always looking for new members to our team.

Whether you are looking for a partner as a selfemployed or looking for a new job.

Please contact us with the subject CV